Red Komodo 6K Baseplate & Quick Release Kit


Product is available for pre-order. We plan to ship roughly the time Komodo becomes available (though that date is not yet set). The final design may vary slightly from the renderings above. Final product will be black anodized; rendering is grey for legibility.

The Red Komodo 6K Baseplate & Quick Release Kit includes Red Komodo 6K Cheese/Base Plate as well as Arca-Swis-compatible quick release dovetails. These Dovetails are removeable and can be replaced with various other types of mounting plates.

The Base/Cheese Plate includes 18 1/4-20 and 2 3/8-16 screw threads on the bottom for a variety of mounting plates, 3 1/4-20 on the front for lens or mount adapter supports, and 6 1/4-20 along the left and right sides for various accessories. It also features mounting points for a camera neck strap, owing to Komodo's compact profile.

Red's Komodo 6K is unusual in the professional cine market for its ability to function in extremely compact configurations ideal for small-crew/no-crew cinematography and even for still photography. In those configurations, large heads using broad "Arri-standard" dovetails are less desirable than much more compact ball, pan/tilt, geared, gimbal, fluid, and other heads which use Arca-Swiss-type dovetails.

The Red Komodo 6K Baseplate & Quick Release Kit includes magnetic slots to hold hex keys both for attaching the plate itself as well as for attaching the Red Komodo 6K Side Rail

The plate's "capturing" threads are recessed from the mating surface to minimize cross-threading.

Note: All required fasteners and hex wrenches are included.

Note: screw threads on the sides of the baseplate are intended for attaching accessories, not as mounting points to support the camera.

The Red Komodo 6K Baseplate & Quick Release Kit is machined from 6061-T6 "aircraft" aluminum for strength and anodized for durability.
USA Designed and Built