Red Komodo 6K Side Rail


Product is available for pre-order. We plan to ship roughly the time Komodo becomes available (though that date is not yet set). The final design may vary slightly from the renderings above.

The Red Komodo 6K Side Rail mounts vertically on the sides of Red Komodo 6K, to a pair of M4's along the front edge. It includes a NATO/STANAG standard quick release rail with safety stops, as well as several 1/4-20's and Arri Locating 3/8-16's.

When used on the Left side of Komodo, the rail partially covers the scratch microphone. However, it is offset away from the camera body to minimize interference. The rail is well away from any other ports or controls.

Note: All required fasteners and hex wrenches are included.

Note: These rails are intended for attaching accessories, not as mounting points to support the camera.

The Red Komodo 6K Side Rail is machined from 6061-T6 "aircraft" aluminum for strength and anodized for durability.
USA Designed and Built